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Vancouver Anime

Talk Anime in Van-City

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Updated (effective) August 19, 2004

This community is about Anime in Vancouver, plain and simple... BUT it's also about Asian Culture. Please feel free to post anything you want, but please observe the rules:

1. NO SPAM, don't care if you're promoting a community, just as long as it is relevant (ie: Anime, animation, asian culture, etc).

2. No flame wars, no slander, no anything of the kind.

3. Post often.

Disclaimer: All posts will be screened. Moderator and owner have the right to remove posts at their discretion. If they feel that is inappropriate, or otherwise (hell even if they feel like it), posts will be removed. Moderator and owner will enforce the rules and will give out warnings.

1st warning - a written warning will be given
2nd warning - your posting privelliges will be suspended for 1 week
3rd warning - posting privilleges suspended for 1 month
last warning - 1 year ban

Community owner akira_hojo76
Your moderator afreak2600